Welcome to my personal site, I am Hamza Ahmed From Islamabad, Pakistan. I am Technology Geek, love to do blogging, coding & exploring new things. Follow me for amazing things, you can connect with me on Facebook at fb.com/krakmh & Twitter @krakmh

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I born to be the computer, from very small age I was very interested in learning computer, electronics and creative things, I developed my skills in computer field and was able to earn online during my metric exams, now I am blogger, web designer/developer, freelancer and doing a lot of stuff online. My online journey enable me to buy everything I dream of, from my own Home to my dream car.
If you wanna discuss anything with me, contact me at my facebook account.
In free time I write blogs on TalkToPoint

Things I Do
SEO, SEM, SMM, Web Development, Web Designing

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  • +92-322-5828537
  • 012-345-6788
  • [email protected](dot)com
  • Living in
  • Islamabad
  • Pakistan
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