Hey! Welcome to my personal site. I am Hamza Ahmed, a technology geek from Islamabad, Pakistan.
I am a blogger, full stack web developer & have good skills in digital Marketing.
I Love to explore new things, play with code and work with electronic Machines.

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You can connect with me on Facebook at fb.com/krakmh & Twitter @krakmh

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About Me

I love computers & everything associated with them. My love of tech helped me learn a lot of skills and explore new possibilities.

Online Career was fun for me at first but it made my fortune. Now I also help others to grow in this field.


I also enjoy Travelling to new places and capturing the world with my camera.

I am also working on my own startup to help people Travel more easily in Pakistan.


I love helping people, so If you wanna discuss anything with me, contact me at my Facebook account.


I also write blogs on TalkToPoint during my free time.


My Professional Skills: Front End Development, Backend Development (PHP/Laravel), SEO, SEM, SMM, Blogging, eCommerce, photography, cinematography.

Soft Skills: Problem solving, Project Management, Public Speaking & many more.

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